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Order Contact Lenses Online

At The See Center, we recommend that patients get a one year supply of contacts for the following reasons:

Health Benefits - you will be able to replace your lenses as prescribed when you have the right amount of lenses. This will help for clearer vision and healthier eyes.

Convenience - you are done until next year when you are due for an eye exam.

Price Benefits - for many lenses, if you buy more, you pay less. Also, rebates apply on many popular brands when purchasing a one year supply.

For qualifying orders, rebates should come in the mail with your supply of contact lenses. Remember to send in your rebates! Do it as soon as you receive your order, so that you can receive that benefit. Orders can be placed by clicking here or on the link below.

If you have vision insurance that covers contact lenses, then you should call our office at (775) 887-8866 so that you can utilize it with your order.

If you are not a patient of The See Center, please read below:

Only the patient or an authorized representative of the patient may place orders on the patient’s behalf. By placing this order, you are authorizing us to contact your eye doctor and request your contact lens prescription. We will try to confirm a current contact lens prescription. Since we care about your eyes and vision, if we cannot confirm a valid contact lens prescription within 48 hours, then your order will be cancelled. You may also fax a copy of your current contact lens prescription to The See Center at (775) 461-0299.

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